Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Golfing, Golfing, and more golfing!!!!!!!!

Here are some updated pictures for now........ I am trying to be a better blogger =) LOL.....

BATMAN Returns Again, Salsa night '08!!!

The Mad Golfer face, due to the slow pokes ahead of us.

Hawaii Golf.... December '08

Hitching a ride!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brandon is off to HI =(

Brandon, his Mom, & Dad at the airport.......

Me & Brandon at the Airport.... My sad face that he is leaving......

Monday, October 6, 2008

Calista's Blessing

Calista & Grandpa B, she was so good about letting him hold her...
She is soooooooo......Sweet...

Pony Rides!! 'Thanks uncle Cody"

Senisa.... she is not to sure about the pony rides.

Sisters together....

Calista, is very picky about who gets to hold her,
and when! Mostly MOM!

"Can we get me out of this dress yet"

Cody gets a special spot on my blog for this CHEEZER!!!
Look Calista, is just embarrassed by the whole thing!

"O-ya.... I have big plans for when I start crawling"

My sister Brandi & her boyfriend Mike...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby Calista Mae

Baby Calista Mae Bigelow

This is Cody (My Brother) & Launi's baby,

She is so beautiful.

Nanny Daisy watching over baby Calista.

Cody, Calista, Daisy & Stiffler

Calistas photo shoot with Aunt Tiff =)

She was looking at mom the whole time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trip To Cali...

We decided on Thursday night to take a last minute trip to Cali..

First we stopped in San Diego for a night and ended up in this cute little part of town with cute shops and this great Mexican restaurant we had dinner at.

Then we went to stay in Los Angeles, we were within walking distance of this cute town with tonz of shops, and restaurants..... I would so love to live there, this is a picture outside one of my favorite Italian restaurants.

Same restaurant, same night.

Of course on our way home we had to squeeze in some golf in southern Utah, this course was so beautiful!

Golf course view.

Chipped in from the fringe........... NOT! =(

The practice version of a near perfect shot.

The course was so.... so beautiful!

Sending one out over the river.....Bye bye ball!!

Caddy/High dollar Escort.

Perfect view from the 18th tee box.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Disney Land

Senisa & Josie "Are We There Yet?"
Yes, We Took the long drive to Disney Land,
stopping for one night at my Grandma & Grandpa's
Condo in Mesquite.

Here is me & Josie in the back tea cup, and my mom, Senisa &
Carson in the front tea cup.

This is G-Ma & G-Pa, they are the life savers on this trip, my niece
Josie was sick most of the trip and she was not up for much, so they stayed with her at the hotel.

The Putuau Family...

Shy & Dale, look at her flirting with him.

Senisa & Josie in the tea cups, Best sisters...

Me & Senisa

Senisa & Josie with Goofy, we could not catch Mickey Or Minnie
for pictures, and Mickeys house was such a long wait, we just bagged that, because my little Niece was a cranky pooo!!!

All but two of my nieces & Nephews are here, in the pict.
Hadley, Kendric, Carson, Ashia, Caleb, Senisa & Josie.
Missing.....Colten, and New Baby Calista, She will be on my bolg ASAP!

Long day at Disney Land.....

Me and the girls with the CARS, in California Adventure.

Me & Josie, on the Tea Cups AGAIN, this was her favorite ride,
we must have went on them like a million times, I am still Dizzy!!